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Unforgettable Moments Captured Forever On Your Keychain - Custom Projection Photo Keychains. Cherish your memories with our unique and personalized keychains!

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Your Memories Will Forever Shine Bright in Our Custom Projection Photo Necklace!

Customized Memories

Wear your favorite photo close to your heart with our personalized keychain.

Heartfelt Personalization

Expert artisans carefully create each keychain with a custom jewel.

Secret Messages in Style

Our hidden picture inside the pendant is like a secret message just for you.

Keep Your Memories Close with Our Custom Keychain!

Our Custom Projection Photo Keychain is the perfect way to cherish your favorite memories. It's like having a piece of magic close to your heart!


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Imagine being absolutely mesmerized when you open our Custom Projection Photo Keychain - it's truly a joyful experience. 10/10 would recommend!


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The joy and wonder you'll feel when opening our Custom Projection Photo Keychain is like a dream come true. A magical gift for anyone!


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Custom Photo Projection Keychain

Beautifully crafted and one-of-a-kind.




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Unforgettable Memories Our Custom Projection Photo Keychain captures your most treasured memory, beautifully displayed in a stunning pendant

Unparalleled Personalization The keychain is personalized with the photo of your choice, making each piece as unique and special as the person using it

A Perfect Joyful Gift The Custom Projection Photo Keychain makes for an unforgettable gift that will bring joy to everyone who receives it. Plus, it comes ready to give in an elegant black jewelry box!


Sparkling Gem

A treasure that brings joy for a lifetime.

Mythical Charm

Create an enchanting memory with our exquisite keychain.

A Dream Come True

Watch the magic of your photo come to life in an instant!

Bring happiness

Capture Memories with Our Custom Photo Keychain!

  • 5.0/5

    The Custom Projection Photo Necklace is truly magical! I was amazed by the high-quality handcrafted jewel and how easy it was to upload my own photo. This gift will certainly bring joy and everlasting memories.


    Sydney, AUS

  • 5.0/5

    Surprise your loved ones with a unique and special gift - the Custom Projection Photo Necklace! Handmade by skilled artisans, this necklace features their cherished photo, keeping that moment close to their heart forever.


    Liverpool, UK

  • 5.0/5

    Celebrate life's special moments with the Custom Projection Photo Necklace - a thoughtful gift for any occasion! You'll be amazed at the quality of this stunning handmade necklace and how easy it is to create a one-of-a-kind keepsake.


    San Francisco, CA

Q: Can I upload a picture? A: Yes! Just make sure it's high quality.

Q: When will I receive my keychain? A: It typically takes 5-7 days to create and then ship your personalized item. Please note that shipping times may vary based on your location.