What Colors Not To Wear To A Wedding

What Colors Not To Wear To A Wedding

Attending a wedding is always an exciting occasion, but it's important to remember that there are certain colors that you should avoid wearing as a guest. Choosing the right outfit is not only a matter of style, but also a matter of respect for the couple getting married. Here are some colors to steer clear of when selecting your wedding attire:

White or Ivory

Traditionally, wearing white or ivory to a wedding is considered a major faux pas as these colors are typically reserved for the bride. To avoid upstaging the bride on her special day, opt for a different color for your outfit.


While black is a classic and elegant color choice for many events, wearing black to a wedding can send off a somber or gloomy vibe. It's best to choose brighter and more festive colors to celebrate the joyous occasion.


Red is a bold and attention-grabbing color that can sometimes be seen as too flashy or inappropriate for a wedding. Unless the wedding dress code specifically calls for red attire, it's best to avoid this color to prevent drawing attention away from the couple.

Neon or Bright Colors

Neon or extremely bright colors can be distracting and may not be suitable for a formal wedding setting. It's best to choose more muted or pastel tones to ensure that you blend in nicely with the rest of the guests.

Accessorizing with Jewelry

Adding the right accessories can elevate your wedding outfit and complement your overall look. Consider incorporating custom jewelry pieces like the photo projection necklace or the braided projection photo bracelet from HiddenForever to add a personalized touch to your ensemble.

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Choosing the right colors for a wedding outfit is crucial to show respect for the couple getting married and to ensure that you blend in nicely with the rest of the guests. Remember to steer clear of white, black, red, neon, or extremely bright colors, and opt for more muted or pastel tones instead. Don't forget to add some custom jewelry pieces to add a personal touch to your look!

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