Summer Funeral Attire

Summer Funeral Attire


Attending a funeral during the summer months can present a unique challenge when it comes to choosing appropriate attire. While it is important to show respect for the deceased and their family, it is also necessary to take the hot weather into consideration. In this blog post, we will discuss options for summer funeral attire and how to incorporate jewelry tastefully.

Suiting for Men

For men attending a summer funeral, a lightweight suit in a dark color such as navy or charcoal is a classic and appropriate choice. Pair the suit with a crisp white dress shirt and a conservative tie. Opt for breathable fabrics such as linen or cotton to stay comfortable in the heat. Avoid loud or bright patterns and colors, as they may be seen as disrespectful in a somber setting.

Dresses for Women

Women attending a summer funeral have a range of options when it comes to attire. A knee-length black dress or skirt suit is a timeless choice. If you prefer to wear a dress in a different color, opt for muted tones such as dark grey or navy. Avoid overly revealing or casual styles, and instead choose pieces that are modest and elegant. Pair your dress with closed-toe shoes and minimal accessories for a polished look.


For both men and women, closed-toe shoes are a must for a funeral. Choose classic styles such as oxfords or loafers for men, and pumps or flats for women. Avoid sandals or flip-flops, as they are too casual for such a formal occasion.


When it comes to jewelry for a funeral, less is more. Opt for simple and understated pieces that complement your outfit without overwhelming it. For men, a watch and perhaps a wedding band are sufficient. Women can choose a delicate necklace, stud earrings, and a simple bracelet. Avoid flashy or oversized jewelry, as it may distract from the solemnity of the event.


Choosing appropriate attire for a summer funeral is a delicate balance between showing respect and staying comfortable in the heat. By opting for classic and understated pieces, both in clothing and jewelry, you can ensure that your outfit is both tasteful and appropriate for the occasion.

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