How To Wear Burgundy Dress Shoes?

Embrace the Power of Burgundy Dress Shoes

When it comes to men's formal wear, black and brown shoes have always been the traditional choice. However, there's another color rising slowly but steadily in popularity — burgundy. Excellent for adding a pop of color to your outfit, burgundy dress shoes drive a stylish wedge between the classic colors, offering something enduringly fashionable yet subtly different. In this blog post, we'll illustrate different ways to embrace and wear burgundy dress shoes. You might even discover how to incorporate jewelry to take your style up a notch.

The Versatility of Burgundy

Burgundy, with its rich blend of red and purple, is a versatile color. It seamlessly blends with a range of shades from neutrals to dark hues, giving you an array of choices when styling your footwear. But like any fashion accessory, wearing burgundy dress shoes requires thought, a keen eye for detail, and a good understanding of color theory.

Perfect Pants Pairing

Picking the right pants is the initial step towards nailing a perfect look with burgundy dress shoes. Reflect on the following color guidelines:

  • Blue: Navy blue suits or jeans paired with burgundy shoes can create a powerful yet warm look since blue and red are contrasting colors. Throw in a white shirt for balance, and you have a winner.
  • Gray: Light or dark, gray is an excellent choice to pair with burgundy shoes. The result is a smooth, sophisticated appearance.
  • Black: Black pants with burgundy shoes offer a modern, sophisticated twist on the traditional black-on-black ensemble.
  • Brown: For a casual yet elegant look, consider camel or khaki trousers with burgundy dress shoes. However, make sure to bypass the darker browns to avoid a muddy appearance.

Choosing the Right Shirt

Burgundy dress shoes can dictate your shirt color. Opt for shades that complement burgundy like pale blues, grays or whites for a classically good look. For a bold and confident appearance, consider green or purple shirts.

Coordinating with Ties and Belts

Complete your look by matching your burgundy shoes with a belt in the same hue. For ties, bear in mind the color wheel. Choose one that contrasts your shoes, such as navy or dark green. A patterned tie with a hint of burgundy can also effortlessly bring the whole outfit together.

Accentuating with Jewelry

Jewelry often acts as the finishing touch to an outfit, and when worn right, it can enhance your ensemble. Here are a few ways to incorporate jewelry with burgundy dress shoes:

  • Metals: Gold and silver jewelry work quite well with burgundy. If you're wearing a wristwatch, ensure its strap color matches your shoe shade.
  • Stones: If your jewelry features stones, opt for deep shades that blend well with burgundy like garnet, ruby, or onyx.

Remember, the key to sporting a successful look with burgundy dress shoes is to balance your ensemble. Experiment, mix and match, and find what works for you. Style is your personal expression, so don't be afraid to push your boundaries and step out in style—and color.

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