How To Find The Perfect Suit For Your Body Type: Tips And Tricks For Achieving The Look You Desire

What you wear is considered an extension of your personality and the right attire can boost your confidence. When it comes to men's fashion, a suit indeed stands as the symbol of elegance and sophistication. But for many, choosing the perfect suit that complements their body type can be quite a daunting task. In our guide today, we will shed light on how to choose the perfect suit based on your body type.

Understanding Your Body Type

Before diving into what type of suit you should choose, it's essential to first understand your body type and what style of suit would work best for you.

The Rectangular Body Type

For individuals with a rectangular body type, the shoulders and hips are nearly the same width, with a less defined waist. The key to suiting this body type is creating the illusion of broad shoulders while accentuating a natural, slim waist.

The Triangular Body Type

In a triangular body type, you'll find that the waist and hips are wider than the shoulders. Your suit should work to balance out your proportions by drawing attention upwards and broadening your shoulders.

The Oval Body Type

Men with an oval body type tend to have wider shoulders and hips, with a generously sized waist. The goal for this body type is to elongate the body structure while creating a streamlined silhouette.

The Inverted Triangle Body Type

If you have broad shoulders and slim hips and waist, you have an inverted triangle body shape. Your suit should work to exhibit your well-built upper body while avoiding making your lower body look smaller.

Choosing the Right Suit

Now knowing your body type, let’s delve into how to select the best suit for you.

Perfect Suit for the Rectangular Body Type

Opt for a suit that adds a bit of bulk to your upper body. This can be achieved by adding a little padding to the shoulders or by wearing a jacket with a broader chest.

Perfect Suit for the Triangular Body Type

You should aim for darker colors which have a slimming effect and try to find jackets that are slightly longer as this will help create the illusion of length. Stick to single-breasted jackets to prevent adding unnecessary bulk to your upper body.

Perfect Suit for the Oval Body Type

Choose suits with vertical stripes that can help add an illusion of height and slenderness. Avoid double-breasted suits; they often make the torso look wider. Opt for a single-breasted suit instead.

Perfect Suit for the Inverted Triangle Body Type

Avoid heavily padded shoulders and stick to fitted suits that show off your toned body. Consider lower button stances and unstructured shoulders. You want to focus on showing your strengths and not emphasizing the size difference between your upper and lower body.

Accessorizing With Jewellery

If you want to elevate your suit game even more, then jewellery is your answer. However, when it comes to suit accessorizing, less is always more.


Cufflinks are the epitome of sophistication and class when it comes to men's jewellery. Match the color of your cufflinks with your suit. For a classic look, go for silver or gold cufflinks.


A watch is more than just an accessory; it's a statement. Make sure you have the right watch for the right occasion. For black or grey suits, a silver watch would be more appropriate, while, for navy or brown suits, a gold watch would be better.

Tie Clips

A tie clip not only keeps your tie in place but also adds an additional touch of grace to your outfit. Try to match your tie clip with your cufflinks or watch for a more cohesive look.

In conclusion, the key to finding the perfect suit for your body type lies in understanding your proportions and redefining them to put your best foot forward. Try multiple options, don’t rush the buying process, and remember that tailoring is your best friend.

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