How To Convert Chinese Shoe Size To Us | Shoe Size Calculator & Conversion Chart

How to Convert Chinese Shoe Size to US | Shoe Size Calculator & Conversion Chart

When shopping for shoes in a foreign country, such as China, it can be confusing to figure out what size you need. To help you convert Chinese shoe sizes to US sizes, use our shoe size calculator and conversion chart below.

Shoe Size Conversion Chart

Below is a handy conversion chart to help you get the right fit when shopping for shoes in China:

Chinese Size (MM) US Size (Men) US Size (Women)
230 5 6.5
235 5.5 7
240 6 7.5
245 6.5 8
250 7 8.5

Using the Shoe Size Calculator

To make things even easier, use our online shoe size calculator. Simply input your Chinese shoe size in millimeters, and the calculator will automatically convert it to the corresponding US size.

Consider Jewelry Inclusions

When shopping for shoes, it's also an excellent idea to consider jewelry that may complement your new footwear. Whether you opt for a classic pair of earrings to match your elegant pumps or a statement necklace to go with your stylish sneakers, jewelry can add an extra touch of glamour to your entire look.

Be mindful of the jewelry you choose, ensuring it enhances your overall outfit and doesn't overpower it. Match metal colors like gold or silver to the hardware on your shoes for a cohesive appearance.

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