What'S A Taper

What's A Taper


A taper is a piece of jewelry or tool used in the process of stretching or gauging piercings. It is typically conical in shape, with one end being thinner than the other. Tapers are commonly used in ear stretching, but can also be used in other types of body piercings.

How Tapers Work

When stretching a piercing, a taper is inserted into the piercing to gradually increase the size of the hole. The taper is typically lubricated with a piercing lubricant to make the process smoother and minimize discomfort. Once the taper is inserted, a larger piece of jewelry, such as a plug or tunnel, can then be pushed through the stretched piercing.

Types of Tapers

There are different types of tapers available, including acrylic, steel, and glass tapers. Acrylic tapers are lightweight and easy to use, while steel tapers are durable and long-lasting. Glass tapers are a popular choice for those with sensitivities to other materials.

Using Tapers Safely

It is important to use tapers safely and properly to avoid injury or complications. Tapers should only be used on fully healed piercings, and the stretching process should be done gradually over time. It is also important to clean and sterilize tapers before each use to prevent infections.

Introduction of Jewelry

Some tapers come with matching plugs or tunnels, making it easy to transition from stretching to wearing jewelry. Jewelry for stretched piercings comes in a variety of materials, sizes, and designs, allowing individuals to express their personal style with their piercings.


Tapers are a useful tool for stretching piercings safely and effectively. When used correctly, tapers can help individuals achieve their desired gauge size and comfortably wear a wide range of jewelry options. Remember to always consult with a professional piercer before beginning the stretching process to ensure proper technique and aftercare.

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