What Is Considered Business Casual

What Is Considered Business Casual


In the world of professional attire, there are several different dress codes that dictate what is appropriate to wear in different workplace settings. One of the most common dress codes is business casual, which lies somewhere between formal business attire and casual wear. This dress code is often seen in industries such as tech, creative, and marketing where a more relaxed atmosphere is encouraged.

What Does Business Casual Mean?

Business casual typically means dressing in a way that is professional, yet not as formal as traditional business attire. This often includes a mix of more casual pieces like khakis, dress shirts, blouses, polo shirts, and dresses. While it is more relaxed than business formal attire, it still conveys a sense of professionalism and respect for the workplace.

Key Components of Business Casual

When putting together a business casual outfit, it is important to consider a few key components:

  • Appropriate tops such as button-down shirts, blouses, or sweaters
  • Dress pants, khakis, or skirts
  • Closed-toe shoes such as loafers, flats, or heels
  • Minimal accessories

How to Incorporate Jewelry

While business casual attire typically calls for minimal accessories, jewelry can still be a great way to add a personal touch to your outfit. When choosing jewelry for a business casual look, it's important to keep it simple and understated. Opt for pieces that are elegant and not too flashy, such as stud earrings, simple necklaces, or a classic watch.

Avoid wearing too many statement pieces or anything too distracting, as this can take away from the professional look you are trying to achieve. Remember that less is more when it comes to jewelry in a business casual setting.


Business casual attire can vary depending on the industry and company culture, but in general, it is a more relaxed approach to professional dressing. By following the key components of business casual attire and incorporating subtle jewelry pieces, you can create a polished and professional look that is perfect for the workplace.

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