How To Wear Flare Leggings

How To Wear Flare Leggings

How To Wear Flare Leggings

Flare leggings are a trendy and comfortable clothing item that can be styled in various ways. Here are some tips on how to wear flair leggings:

Choose the Right Fit

When wearing flare leggings, it's important to choose a pair that fits well. The leggings should be snug around the waist and thighs, then flare out from the knee down. This will create a flattering silhouette and elongate your legs.

Pair with a Fitted Top

Since flare leggings flare out at the bottom, it's best to pair them with a fitted top. This will help balance out the volume at the bottom and create a more streamlined look.

Accessorize with Jewelry

Adding some jewelry to your outfit can elevate your look. You can opt for a statement necklace, hoop earrings, or stacked bangles to add some glamour to your ensemble. Just make sure not to overdo it – choose one or two pieces as a focal point.

Choose the Right Shoes

When it comes to footwear, you have a lot of options when wearing flare leggings. You can pair them with heels for a dressier look, ankle boots for a more casual vibe, or sneakers for a sporty feel. Just make sure that your shoes complement the rest of your outfit.

Experiment with Different Styles

Don't be afraid to play around with different textures, colors, and patterns when styling your flare leggings. Mix and match pieces from your wardrobe to create unique and eye-catching outfits.


Flare leggings are a versatile and stylish wardrobe staple that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. By following these tips, you can confidently rock this trendy piece and stand out in style.

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