Holiday Remembrance Traditions To Start For Loved Ones

Holiday Remembrance Traditions to Start for Loved Ones


Losing a loved one is never easy, especially during the holiday season. It can be a time of sadness and nostalgia as we remember those who are no longer with us. To honor and remember our departed loved ones during the holidays, it can be helpful to establish remembrance traditions that celebrate their lives and keep their memory alive.

Light a Candle

One simple yet meaningful tradition is to light a candle in honor of your loved one. You can place the candle in a special spot in your home or create a dedicated altar. Lighting the candle can serve as a symbol of remembrance and can bring a sense of peace and connection with your loved one during the holiday season.

Share Stories and Memories

Gather family and friends to share stories and memories of your departed loved one. This can be a heartwarming way to keep their memory alive and to reminisce about the good times you shared together. You can also create a memory jar where everyone can write down their favorite memories to revisit during future holidays.

Make Their Favorite Recipe

Cooking or baking their favorite recipe can be a comforting way to remember your loved one during the holidays. You can gather together to prepare the dish and enjoy it as a family while sharing stories about why it was so special to your departed loved one. Food has a way of bringing people together and can be a meaningful way to honor their memory.

Visit their Resting Place

Visiting the resting place of your loved one during the holidays can be a touching way to pay your respects and feel connected to them. You can bring flowers, light a candle, or simply spend some quiet time reflecting on their life and the impact they had on you. It can be a cathartic and healing experience to have a moment of remembrance in this way.


Starting remembrance traditions for your loved ones during the holidays can be a beautiful way to keep their memory alive and to find comfort and connection during a difficult time. Whether it's lighting a candle, sharing stories, making their favorite recipe, or visiting their resting place, these traditions can help you feel closer to your departed loved one and honor their life in a meaningful way.

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