What To Wear Under A Dress

What To Wear Under A Dress


Choosing what to wear under a dress can sometimes be a difficult decision, as it can greatly affect the overall look and feel of your outfit. Whether you're wearing a flowy sundress or a form-fitting cocktail dress, the right undergarments can make all the difference. In this blog post, we will discuss some tips and recommendations on what to wear under a dress.

1. Seamless Underwear

One of the most important things to consider when wearing a dress is the type of underwear you choose. Seamless underwear is a great option as it avoids any visible panty lines. Opt for nude or skin-toned seamless underwear to prevent it from showing through your dress.

2. Shapewear

If you want a smoother silhouette or some extra support, consider wearing shapewear under your dress. Shapewear can help flatten your tummy, lift your butt, and slim your thighs, giving you a more polished look. There are various types of shapewear available, such as shapewear shorts, bodysuits, and waist trainers.

3. Strapless Bra

For dresses with a plunging neckline or thin straps, a strapless bra is a must. Make sure you choose a well-fitted strapless bra that provides ample support and stays in place all day. You can also opt for a convertible bra with removable straps to cater to different dress styles.

4. Nude Bra

When wearing a light-colored or sheer dress, a nude bra is the best choice. Nude bras blend seamlessly with your skin tone and are less likely to show through your dress. Consider choosing a bra with smooth cups and minimal embellishments for a sleek look.


While what you wear under your dress is essential, don't forget about the accessories that can complement your outfit. Jewelry can add a touch of elegance and style to your look. Here are some tips on how to incorporate jewelry into your dress outfit:

1. Statement Necklace

If you're wearing a simple, solid-colored dress, consider adding a statement necklace to elevate your look. A bold necklace can draw attention to your neckline and add a pop of color or sparkle to your outfit.

2. Earrings

Choose earrings that complement the neckline of your dress. If you're wearing a strapless dress, statement earrings or chandelier earrings can make a statement. For a high neckline, opt for stud earrings or small hoops to keep the focus on your dress.

3. Bracelets/Anklets

Don't forget about accessorizing your wrists or ankles. Layering bracelets or wearing an anklet can add a bohemian or chic vibe to your dress outfit. Mix and match different bracelets or opt for a delicate anklet for a more subtle look.


Choosing the right undergarments and accessories can greatly enhance your dress outfit. By considering factors such as the dress style, color, and neckline, you can determine the best undergarments and jewelry to wear. Remember to also prioritize comfort and confidence when selecting what to wear under a dress, as feeling good in your outfit is key to looking good.

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