What Color Shoes & Tie To Wear With A Grey Suit?

Guide to Wearing a Grey Suit: What Color Shoes & Tie?

Choosing the right shoe and tie colors to complement a grey suit can be a tricky prospect for many. However, the neutral tone of a grey suit offers a wonderful canvas on which to paint a variety of colors and styles. In this blog, we provide you with a comprehensive guide to help you match your grey suit with the perfect shoes, tie, and even jewelry.

Grey Suit and Shoe Pairings

Depending on the shade of grey of your suit, different colors of shoes may be more appropriate. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Light Grey Suit

A light grey suit is versatile and can be paired with brown, black, or burgundy shoes. Light brown shoes give off a more casual and summer look while black shoes provide a formal tone. Burgundy shoes, on the other hand, offer a stylish and sophisticated look for any occasion.

Medium/Dark Grey Suit

For medium or dark grey suits, black or burgundy shoes are recommended. Black shoes maintain a classic and formal look, while burgundy shoes provide a modern touch. Wearing brown shoes is not recommended as they can clash with the darkness of the suit.

Choosing the Right Tie

A tie is a great way to express your personality and add a pop of color to your outfit. When wearing a grey suit, there is a wide range of tie colors you could choose from.

Patterns vs. Solid Colors

For a sophisticated look, you can't go wrong with solid color ties in classic colors like blue, red, or purple. If you want to make a bolder statement, opt for patterned ties. Just make sure the base color of the tie complements your suit and shirt while the pattern includes a hint of grey to tie everything together.

Color Choices

For a light grey suit, darker but rich-colored ties in shades like burgundy, navy, and emerald green can provide a nice contrast. For darker grey suits, lighter colored ties in pastels or bold reds work well too.

Adding a Touch of Jewelry

Elevate your grey suit look with carefully chosen pieces of jewelry. Watches, cufflinks, and tie bars are three simple and elegant pieces you can’t go wrong with.


Watches are among the few socially acceptable pieces of jewelry for men. Opt for a sleek, silver metallic watch for a classic touch or a leather strapped watch to complement your shoe choice.


Cufflinks provide an added level of sophistication to any suit. Silver cufflinks pair well with grey suits, linking with the suit's color whilst adding a touch of shine.

Tie Bars

A silver tie bar not only helps keep your tie in place but also pulls your look together. It’s a subtle yet noticeable detail that adds an extra flair to your overall appearance.

In conclusion, wearing a grey suit offers plenty of opportunities to experiment with different color combinations for shoes and ties, with the added touch of jewelry to elevate the overall look. However, always remember that these are not set rules, but guides to enable individual style expression.

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