Men'S Dress Shirt Collar Types | The Various Styles Explained

Men's Dress Shirt Collar Types | The Various Styles Explained

The Importance of Dress Shirt Collars

When it comes to men's fashion, the collar of a dress shirt plays a crucial role in determining the overall look and style of the outfit. The collar not only frames the face but also enhances the wearer's personality and style. There are various collar types to choose from, each with its own unique characteristics and suitable for different occasions.

Classic Point Collar

The classic point collar is the most common and traditional dress shirt collar style. It features collar points that are close together and point downwards. This collar type is versatile and suitable for most formal and casual occasions. It works well with a tie and can be worn with or without a jacket.

Spread Collar

The spread collar has collar points that are spread farther apart than the classic point collar. This collar type creates a more modern and stylish look, making it ideal for formal events or business settings. It works well with a tie and a suit, providing a sophisticated appearance.

Button-Down Collar

The button-down collar features buttons on the collar points that fasten them to the shirt. This collar style is more casual and relaxed, making it suitable for informal occasions or business casual settings. It is often worn without a tie and pairs well with a blazer or sport coat.

Mandarin Collar

The mandarin collar is a stand-up collar that does not fold over. This collar type has a more minimalist and contemporary look, making it a popular choice for fashion-forward men. It is often seen in casual and semi-formal settings and can be worn without a tie for a modern and sleek appearance.

Adding Jewelry to Dress Shirts

When it comes to accessorizing dress shirts, jewelry can play a significant role in enhancing the overall look and style. Men can incorporate jewelry such as cufflinks, tie bars, and watches to elevate their outfit and add a touch of sophistication.


Cufflinks are a classic accessory that can add a touch of elegance to dress shirts with French cuffs. They come in various styles and materials, allowing men to personalize their look and make a statement. Cufflinks can be worn for formal events or special occasions to add a polished finish to the outfit.

Tie Bars

Tie bars are another stylish accessory that can add a touch of refinement to a dress shirt and tie combination. They help keep the tie in place and create a neat and polished appearance. Tie bars come in different designs and finishes, allowing men to choose one that suits their personal style.


A watch is not only a functional accessory but also a stylish addition to a dress shirt. A sleek and sophisticated watch can complement the overall look and add a touch of luxury to the outfit. Men can choose from a variety of watch styles, such as dress watches or chronograph watches, to match their personal style and preference.


Men's dress shirt collar types offer a wide range of options for different occasions and personal styles. By choosing the right collar type and incorporating stylish jewelry, men can create a polished and sophisticated look that reflects their personality and enhances their overall style.

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