Dressing Like Harvey Specter: A Deep Dive Into Sharp Power Dressing

A Deep Dive into Power Dressing like Harvey Specter

Day after day, with every new episode of the hit television show 'Suits,' Harvey Specter reminded us why he was "the best closer in the city." Yet, his charismatic persona wasn't built merely on the foundation of convincingly delivered dialogues but was complemented by an exquisite, heightened sense of personal style.

His power dressing is impeccable, oozing confidence, sophistication, and indisputable appeal. Each piece, each accessory, curated to perfection, communicates authority and power, establishing Harvey as a man not to be meddled with.

The Basics: Harvey’s Power Outfits

The most elementary characteristic of Harvey's wardrobe is his love for the classic two-button suits. Harvey Specter is almost never seen in anything other than Tom Ford fitted suits. His preference is incisively clear – sleek fits, sharp lines, a narrow waist, wide lapels; all hinting at his unswerving discipline and high standards.

Color Palette

Specter's wardrobe palette varies from dark navy to charcoal gray, providing a consistent display of authority. Rarely does Harvey deviate from these hues, but even his occasional wildcards, such as the stunning three-piece windowpane suit, are still rooted in darker tones.


Although Harvey Specter's wardrobe usually leans towards solid patterns, he's no stranger to pinstripes or windowpane designs. These, however, are used sparingly and ingeniously to break the monotony without diluting the power conveyed.

Signature Accessories

Harvey's power dressing would be incomplete without his carefully selected accessories. His ties, for instance, synchronize perfectly with his outfit, either by providing a contrast or complementing the overall color palette.

Ties and Pocket Squares

Harvey is often seen sporting solid-tone ties with a larger-than-average width. Paired with a double Windsor knot, this generates a dominant, formidable impression. His pocket squares, too, play a significant role, usually a flat fold or a one-point fold, perfectly balancing the tie without stealing the limelight.


Often overlooked but vitally significant are Harvey's cufflinks. These pieces add a touch of luxury to the whole attire. Be it monograms, classic silver cuffs, or mother-of-pearl designs, every pair of cufflinks communicates certainty and status.


Unlike the stereotypical rich and powerful, Harvey doesn't depend on flashy jewelry. Instead, his wristwatch does the talking. He flaunts a collection of high-end watches, most famously his TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre, exhibiting an undiluted sense of power and luxury.


Dressing like Harvey Specter isn't about imitating the exact attire, but about imbibing the essence of power dressing.

It’s about understanding that each piece, each accessory you put on tells a story about you. His style is uncomplicated, minimalistic - a man who knows his worth and is unafraid to display it. His power dressing exudes status and confidence, and it's something we can all learn from.

Remember, one might not deal with billion-dollar lawsuits daily, but dressing sharply would undoubtedly make you feel like you do.

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