What To Wear With A Wedding Suit: A Complete Guide For The Dapper Groom


As the groom, you're undoubtedly one of the center points of the big day. Not only does the suit you wear help shape your appearance, but it also speaks volumes about your personality and style preferences. From classically elegant attires to trendy contemporary outlooks, there's a wide range of options to choose from when deciding the perfect attire for your wedding. This guide will help you to not only match your suit with the right accessories, including possible jewelleries but also to add an impeccable sartorial touch to look your best as the dapper groom.

Finding the Right Fit

Before we delve into what to wear with your wedding suit, it's crucial to get the perfect fitting suit. No matter how lavish or trendy your suit, if it doesn't flatter your body type and fit well, it will ruin your overall look. Ensure the shoulders, trouser length, sleeve length and waist area all fit nicely. A good rule of thumb is to always try it on before purchasing and consider hiring a professional tailor.

Matching Your Shirt

The shirt you wear with your suit can either complete or ruin your look. Stick to traditional colors such as white and light blue for a classic look. You can occasionally experiment with pastel colors too if they match well with your suit and theme of the wedding.

Selecting the Right Necktie and Bow Tie

A necktie or bow-tie can elevate your wedding suit appearance to another level. The tip of your tie should always meet your waistband. Avoid novelty ties and stick to solid, paisley, polka dot, or striped ties for a classic look. Always ensure it matches your suit.

Honing Your Footwear Game

Your choice of footwear can often go overlooked but plays a key role in your wedding dressing. Choose a pair of shoes that complement your suit. Classic leather shoes in brown or black are always a safe bet. Always remember to polish your shoes well as it's all about presenting a pristine look.

Mastering the Art of Accessorizing

Accessories have the power to dramatically enhance your wedding look, while at the same time reflecting your individual personality. Pocket squares, cuff links, lapel pins, watches, and even socks can add a refreshing touch to your suit. Choose accessories in colors that either match or contrast your suit effectively.

Bridging the Gap with Jewelry

Although jewelry might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a groom’s wedding attire, the right pieces can add a dash of style and elegance to your look. A classic timepiece can enhance your wrist while cufflinks can add a touch of sophistication. If you're the type of groom who likes to go the extra mile, consider a gold or silver tie bar or even a lapel pin. Ensure these pieces of jewelry complement your overall attire and remember, simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.


Your wedding day gives you the opportunity to showcase your unique fashion sense. Remember, a dapper groom knows how to pick the right clothes and accessories, while also understanding the fine balance between being fashionable and remaining classic and elegant. Stick to the rules but feel free to sprinkle your individuality and you'll surely turn heads on your big day.

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