A Look At All-Time Favourite Peaky Blinders Outfits


The show 'Peaky Blinders' is iconic for many reasons - its gripping storyline, standout performances, and of course, the fabulous fashion. The series portrays the rugged, tough, and vintage style of early 20th Century England, coming alive on the streets of Birmingham with the Shelby family. Despite the gritty and intense plot, the show's fashions, including both attire and jewelry, have stirred a global trend and captivated audiences renowned for not only the plot but also its iconic and distinctive clothing.

The Unmistakable Peaky Blinders Look

The costumes and outfits of Peaky Blinders go beyond mere fabric, they are a testament to the characters' personalities and the era they belong. Their vintage-styled ensembles have not only become one of the most recognizable TV show outfits of the modern era but have also spawned a resurgence in the vintage clothing industry.

Tweed Suits

The show has been instrumental in bringing tweed back into modern fashion. The Shelby boys, and even some of the women, often wear three-piece suits that are tailored to fit and flatter perfectly. The colours are typically dark for the men – blacks, deep blues, and greys dominating their wardrobes. For female characters like Ada Shelby, they play with more colours, proving that the tweed appeal isn’t limited to the boys.

The Newsboy Cap

Perhaps, the most representative element of the Peaky Blinders style is the newsboy cap, worn by virtually every male character on the show. These caps are not mere style symbols but also represent the group's rebellion and brotherhood.

Overcoats and Boots

The overcoats draped over their tweed suits add to the characters' dramatic appearances. These are heavy-duty, long, and often have a military cut. The boots are rugged, functional, and yet very stylish – made of leather and often well polished.

Peaky Blinders and Jewelry

While it's the outfits that primarily steal the spotlight on the show, the characters' accessory style, particularly their use of jewelry, lends a unique edge to their wardrobe.

Pocket Watches

No self-respecting gangster of the era would see his outfit complete without a pocket watch. The pocket watches seen in Peaky Blinders not only tell time but also add an exquisite finishing touch to the men’s costumes.

Military Medals

An accessory that adds depth to the character of Tommy Shelby is his military medal. Worn as a reminder and a symbol of his past, this piece of jewelry often provides insight into the emotional state and past experiences of this central figure.

The Signet Ring

A nod to the gangster tradition, the Shelby family members sport gold signet rings. These are inscribed with the initials ‘S.F’ for Shelby Family, marking their belonging to the notorious household.

Clothing and fashion are integral parts of storytelling on screen, indicating a character's personality and position in society. In Peaky Blinders, clothing and jewelry are used to great effect to establish each character's identity. The outfits are as compelling and iconic as the characters who wear them, setting Peaky Blinders apart in the arena of on-screen fashion.

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