12 Creative Ways To Fold Your Pocket Square


The addition of a pocket square can elevate any outfit from nice to dapper, from standard to sophisticated. It's a classic accessory that needn't be limited to the traditional straight fold. Here, we'll explore 12 creative ways to fold your pocket square, along with tips on how to incorporate jewelry for added sophistication.

Classic Ways to Fold Your Pocket Square

1. Straight Fold

The straight fold, or presidential fold, is one of the simplest and most traditional ways to fold a pocket square. It provides a clean, elegant line and can be worn with any suit or blazer.

2. One-Point Fold

For the one-point fold, simply fold the square diagonally to create a triangle, then fold the bottom corners to meet the top one. This gives the impression of an arrowhead peeking out of your pocket.

3. Two-Point Fold

The two-point fold further highlights the corners of the pocket square, creating a double peak that elevates the design of any outfit.

4. Three-Point Fold

One more than the two-point fold, the three-point creates a stylish arrangement of peaks that is both intricate and arresting.

More Advanced Pocket Square Folds

5. Four-Point Fold

A clear progression from the three-point fold, the four-point fold gives an effect similar to a beautifully blooming flower in your pocket. This fold is sure to up your sartorial game.

6. Puff Fold

The puff fold creates a soft, rounded look, almost resembling a rose. This fold is perfect for more casual events or for less structured suits.

7. Winged Puff Fold

This is a more complex version of the puff fold. It features a row of peaks below the puff, adding depth and sophistication to your outfit.

8. Scallop Fold

The scallop fold is a creative design that mimics the look of a scalloped edge. This fold is fun and quirky, and perfect for occasions that allow you to a bit adventurous with your outfit.

9. Dunaway Fold

The Dunaway fold is a mix of the puff and the peak fold offering a polished and refined look. This is best suited for formal occasions or business functions.

10. Diagonal Shell Fold

This fold resembles a series of cascading shells, a unique style that is sure to garner attention and compliments.

11. Crown Fold

As the name suggests, this fold makes your pocket square look regal in your pocket. Surely a style fitting for a king.

12. Flower Fold

A fun and playful fold that resembles the bloom of a flower. This fold is sure to add an element of whimsy to any outfit.

Accentuating Your Pocket Square Fold With Jewelry

For added elegance, incorporate complementary pieces of jewelry. A lapel pin, tie clip or cufflinks can enhance your look, and provide a harmonious combination with your pocket square. However, be mindful not to overdo it. Always remember the golden rule of fashion - "less is more".

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