Stepping Back In Time: What To Wear For A 1920S Party

The allure of the 1920s era is timeless. Often referred to as the 'Roaring Twenties' or the 'Jazz Age,' this decade was characterized by post-war exuberance, economic prosperity, and cultural dynamism. Iconic fashion trends evolved, adding a unique flavor to this period, making it a popular theme for parties even today. If you have a 1920s themed party on your calendar and are wondering what to wear, you'd like to step inside the time machine to adopt the fabulous style of those times, this article is a concise guide for you to dress in 1920s style.

1920s Women's Fashion

The flapper dress is almost synonymous with the '20s fashion for women. The dresses were typically short with hemlines just below the knee and were worn loose, perfect for frenzied jazz dancing. These dresses featured lots of sequins and fringe and were popular in bright and lavish colors. The necklines were usually dropped, and the waists low.

Shoes and Stockings

The shift in hemlines resulted in a newfound focus on footwear. T-straps and Mary Jane's in patent leather were particularly sought after during this era. The stockings were generally made of silk and came in multiple shades like beige, peach, and medium brown.

Men’s 1920s Attire

For men, 1920s fashion was about elegance and sophistication. Men typically wore high-waisted tailored trousers with a smart suit jacket paired with a white dress shirt and a stylish cravat or tie. Suspenders were used as a practical fix for holding trousers up and became a fashion statement. Also, hats were an important part of a man’s attire during this era, with fedoras, bowlers, and boater hats being highly fashionable.


Shoes for men were largely traditional - Oxford shoes or spectator shoes (also known as brogues), with their two-tone look, were the most popular.

1920s Style Accessories and Jewelry

Accessories and jewelry played a significant part in defining the style of the 1920s. For women, long pearl necklaces that hung down to the waist were the rage. Other popular pieces included gemstone brooches, bangle bracelets, and art deco jewelry. Women also typically wore headbands, cloche hats, or turbans. Gloves for both sexes were quite popular too, with men sporting leather gloves and women wearing satin, lace, or cotton gloves.

The 1920s Makeup and Hairstyles

The bobbed hair cut was fashionable in the '20s, symbolizing women's independence. Makeup became more mainstream, with the smoky eye and bright red lipstick being the classic look. Men opted for a clean, slicked-back hairstyle, further adding an air of refinement.

Whether you choose to go down a more traditionally accurate route or head towards a more modern version of 1920s fashion, you will make a fashion statement at your Roaring Twenties' party. The era's beauty lies in its vibrancy and color, offering a rich array of options to experiment with and make a glamorous and glitzy statement!

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