Men’S Dress Shoes Styles: Types & Differences


Just as women have a myriad of dress shoes to choose from, so do men. Men’s dress shoes come in a variety of styles, ranging from classic to contemporary. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the different styles of men’s dress shoes and break down their differences, so you can select the perfect pair for any occasion. We will also bring to light how adding the right piece of jewelry can enhance the overall look.

The Oxford Shoes

The Oxford is perhaps the most classic of all men’s dress shoes. Distinguished by its enclosed lacing, the Oxford is a simple, elegant shoe that works for various formal occasions. The cap-toe Oxford, which features an additional piece of leather over the toe, is an excellent option for businessmen or those attending formal events. Depending on the material and color, Oxfords can be suited to both formal and semi-formal events.

The Derby Shoes

The Derby shoes are similar to the Oxfords in many ways but are set apart by their open lacing system. This makes Derby shoes slightly more casual than Oxford, making them a versatile pick for less formal occasions. They come in various colors and materials, giving you plenty of options to style with different outfits.

The Dress Boot

Men's dress boots are a stylish alternative to traditional dress shoes and can enhance a semi-formal or casual outfit. They are a fantastic choice for colder months, providing warmth and style without compromising formality. Dress boots often come in leather or suede and in colors like black, brown and tan.

The Loafer

Loafers are slip-on shoes with a moccasin construction. They are a casual men’s shoe that can fit into semi-formal settings depending on the material and design. There are various styles of loafers, including penny loafers and tassel loafers, each bringing their unique flair to an outfit.

The Monk Strap

Monk straps are an interesting blend of shoe styles. Named for their buckle and strap closure, these shoes combine the formality of oxfords with the flair of loafers. They can be worn with or without socks, depending on the look you're trying to achieve.

Adding Jewelry to Your Outfit

Dress shoes and jewelry can work hand-in-hand to compliment a man's outfit. Here are a few pointers on how jewelry can be used to uplift an outfit:


Simplicity is key when it comes to men's rings. A simple band or a signet ring can accentuate the elegance of a man's hands and be a subtle detail that pulls together an outfit.


A tasteful, understated necklace can add an air of sophistication and personal touch to a suit. Pairing a chain necklace with a plain shirt and blazer can be an excellent way to make a statement.


Arguably the most prominent piece of men's jewelry, a watch can speak volumes about a man's sense of style. A classic leather-banded watch can complement the elegance of dress shoes, while a metal-banded watch can add a modern touch to an outfit.


An essential accessory for men's formal wear, cufflinks not only function to secure the cuffs of a dress shirt but also add a touch of class and style to the outfit. They can be matched with the metal accents on your shoes or watch to create a cohesive look.


Understanding the different styles of men’s dress shoes can greatly assist in making the right choice for any occasion. From Oxfords and Derbies to Loafers and Monk Straps, there’s a perfect shoe for every outfit and event. Additionally, accessorizing with the right piece of jewelry can further enhance your overall look. Remember, the key is to choose pieces that reflect your personal style and compliment your wardrobe.

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