How To Wear A Men’S Velvet Suit: A Stylish Guide

If you are a fashion-conscious man, you are probably always on the hunt for unique and dapper suiting options. One trending look that brings a whole new level of sophistication is the men’s velvet suit. This rich and luxurious fabric was once reserved for royalty but is now made for the fashion-forward, modern gentleman. However, wearing a velvet suit requires a fair amount of confidence and knowledge of how to maximize its potential. This post will guide you on how to expertly wear a men’s velvet suit, along with some tips on incorporating jewelry to further elevate your style.

Choosing the Right Velvet Suit

Purchasing the right velvet suit is the foundation of your overall look. This begins with selecting the correct color. Velvet suits come in a variety of shades, but navy blue, emerald green, and burgundy are classic options that rarely go wrong. For a more understated look, opt for black or charcoal grey.

Aside from color, consideration for fit is crucial when investing in a velvet suit. Remember that velvet is a heavier, thicker fabric compared to usual suit materials. Therefore, the suit needs a sharp tailored fit, allowing it to hug your body in all the right places and prevent it from looking bulky.

The Shirt and Tie

When pairing a shirt and tie with your velvet suit, remember to keep it simple. A velvet suit is already a statement on its own, so it’s best not to distract from it with overly embellished accessories. Choose a clean, crisp white shirt and a tie in a solid color that complements your suit. Incorporating textures like wool or knitted ties can also add depth to the look.


Cufflinks are optional, but they do contribute to the elegance of a velvet suit. Choose cufflinks with a sophisticated yet subtle design, and avoid overly flashy ones. A classic silver or gold cufflink can be a stylish addition without drawing too much attention.

The Shoes

A velvet suit commands a certain level of formality and deserves a classy pair of shoes. Ideally, opt for high-quality, polished leather or patent leather shoes. A loafers or brogues in black or a dark hue that matches your suit would work perfectly.

Velvet Slippers

For an inventive twist, consider wearing velvet slippers. They are a trendy and dapper alternative to the traditional dress shoe and would complete the velvet aesthetic of your elegant ensemble.

Accessorizing with Jewelry

When it comes to accessorizing a velvet suit, it’s all about subtlety. Jewelry can certainly add a touch of personality and character to your velvet suit outfit, but it’s essential to keep it classy and understated.

Tie Bar and Lapel Pin

A tie bar or a lapel pin can serve as functional jewelry that adds aesthetic value to your velvet suit. Opt for sleek designs in metal finishes that complement your cufflinks and the overall color scheme of your suit.

Pocket Squares

A pocket square is another accessory that can take your velvet suit game to the next level. Follow the same rule as tie selection: keep it simple and unobtrusive. Choose a material and design that adds subtle differentiation from the rest of your outfit.

To conclude, styling a velvet suit requires a discerning eye for detail and appreciation for understated elegance. With proper selection and balancing of elements, a velvet suit can be an amazingly stylish statement piece that sets you apart from the crowd.

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