Blazer & Trouser Color Combinations: Elevate Your Style

Introduction to Blazer and Trouser Color Combinations

Mastering the fine art of pairing blazers and trousers is a surefire way to elevate your style. As more workplaces forgo strict dress code policies and adopt a more 'business casual' approach, understanding blazer and trouser color combinations has become increasingly necessary. This article will guide you through the best color combinations, thus stepping up your style game effortlessly.

Matching According to the Color Wheel

The Color Wheel is an excellent place to start when considering color combinations. This age-old design tool helps us understand which colors work harmoniously together.

Monochromatic Ensemble

This is a foolproof choice for those getting started with color combinations. Here, you use the same color but in varying shades. For example, pair a navy blue blazer with a lighter blue trouser. Or a deep burgundy blazer with a pink trouser for a more daring look. Ensure not to match the colors too closely, as you still want some contrast.

Complementary Colors

On the Color Wheel, the colors on the opposite sides are known as complementary colors. These pairs create high contrast and stand out when used together. For example, a rust orange blazer paired with teal trousers. Just be careful not to overdo it.

Analogous Colors

Analogous colors are those next to each other on the Color Wheel. They offer a more harmonious look compared to complementary colors. Try pairing a violet blazer with blue trousers or a yellow blazer with green trousers for a cohesive yet visually interesting ensemble.

Mixing Patterns and Solids

Another way to elevate your style is by mixing patterns and solid colors. A patterned blazer begs for a solid trouser and vice versa. Just make sure at least one color in your patterned piece matches the color of your solid piece.

Neutral Colors

Neutrals serve as the perfect base for any color palette. Both lighter neutrals like beige and cream and darker ones like black, charcoal and navy allow more vibrant colors to shine. Pair a neutral blazer with brightly colored trousers or vice versa for a balanced look.

Role of Jewelry in Outfit Composition

Jewelry can also greatly impact your overall look. Use it to either compliment or contrast your outfit. Gold and silver pieces often lend a formal touch, while colorful gems or rustic metals can offer a more casual vibe.

Leveraging Jewelry with Different Outfits

When wearing a monochromatic ensemble, jewelry in the same color palette can enhance the sleek look. On the other hand, contrasting jewelry can break up the look elegantly. For example, an emerald necklace over a red blazer or white pearls against a dark blue blazer.

When wearing complementary colors, opt for jewelry that's neutral or matches one of the colors, to keep the focus on your outfit. For analogous colors, a contrasting piece of jewelry can add a delightful pop.


Understanding blazer and trouser color combinations is an important step in elevating your style. The Color Wheel, mixing patterns with solid colors, and incorporating jewelry can all help you create a well-put-together look. So go ahead and experiment, because style is all about expressing your unique self.

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